There have been many topics such as this earlier

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Mage should be done with OSRS gold the best spell on lessers till you can low alch, then large alch. 20 to 30 on melee can be done by monks. 30 to 40 can be done on fleshies. 10 to 20 ranged can be carried out with the goblin spot I showed you. Next 20 to 30 could be performed on monks or minotaurs. 30 to 40 in the jail guards spot I showed you. 40-50 can be done at fleshies. In addition, when you buy 30, you can do mountain giants. If you sell all of the bones, you can earn 252k (30-50)

You'll get 3011 prayer xp if you bury all of the bones. You have a 350k trade limitation so far. The rest of the questions are kinda pointless. Is it just the new men and women? Are monks really that good? Can they provide good xp? Monks give u infinite health (they heal you),but really should not be coaching on them after 30ish. Thanks... but do you mind answering another questions? I put alot of time into them... I wish someone would answer them. They are actually very dumb questions and they do not even benefit you or answer anything relevant.

There have been many topics such as this earlier, but now its my turn. My friend quit today, he provided me his money, I did not need to take it forced me to. But anyways, I now have a 43m budget. What Armour if I buy? Please include gloves and boots and even weapon in possible. Please explain how great this is over, just how much over of my budget it'd be (Use berserker ring and dfs contained ) and suggest anything else I could change.

Okay, I'll use the setup I stated on cheap RuneScape gold the very first post, except I will attempt to get barrows gloves along with a berserker. Now my next question is what armor should I use to fight bandos? I'd also try borrow claws to your trips. Or even better, get a fighter chest and apply the BCP cash to purchase claws.