I am kinda baffled by the MUT team has proceeded since essentially the Color Smash promo

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I am kinda baffled by the MUT team has proceeded since essentially the Color Smash promo. EA makes a whole lot of money off of the supreme Team manner, and new content is what drives people to buy packs. I really don't know the specific finances, but it feels like there could be a strong Return On Investment (ROI) for a couple of Madden 21 coins individuals to constitute promos, make players and art assets, etc., versus what people would spend on packs. EA wants to earn money, so why wouldn't they do so? I see two possibilities:At this stage in the year, there's no money. Not enough of a player population/potential pack-buyers to warrant spending any more. Transfer them. EA would have a great deal of data/analytics in the past.

Madden already did so well this season, they're sandbagging their numbers so they don't put unreasonable expectations in place for next year. In business/sales, last year's numbers form the baseline for the expectations of following year. Great, you're aim is now 600 mil for next year." Furthermore, management wants to see year-over-year growth lasted, every year. Management would be happier seeing 10% increase 2 years in a row, than visiting 25% increase in year 1 and then a 1 percent reduction in year 2. Even though situation 2 (a LOT of expansion, followed by a small contraction) really made more money. It is easier to explain scenario 1 to investors.

I really think situation 2 here is plausible. Madden management might've reach on each of their goals for Madden 20, maxed out their performance incentives. Maybe even COVID helped, together with more people staying home, playing with buy Madden nfl 21 coins the game, and buying packs rather than going to pubs or whatever. With a lot of folks planning to fall $500 plus on new systems this year (and so less money in the funding for Madden packs), and possibly folks not stuck at home with COVID, maybe they're just attempting to maintain investor expectations much more realistic for Madden 21.

I have been playing MUT since 16 and this is undoubtedly the earliest they've moved on. 2-3 promos skipped. Plus, using COVID affecting every facet of life, I'm presuming to some degree it influenced them. This is the brand new model - 8 weeks of upgrades and then work on the following year. Any way I do not think you need to fret about EA hitting their profit margin.