I concur with the bulk of the things in your list

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I concur. It's not the general shooting percentage it is the 99 3 pointer on every card that is freaking. Everybody at NBA 2K21 MT the NBA is fearful in the 3 point line of Stephen Curry and James Harden. No one has been EVER scared of Dino Radja and Eddy Curry at the arc. Inside the arc they were barely terrified of him in Eddy Curry's instance. However, when these centers have 3 pointers in the high 90's that is the origin of this issue teams are shooting over 50.

Excellent list. You kind of get to the on your tutorial part, but they really need to update"Freestyle." I know that it's not a huge thing, but we should be able to access all our players (not just our active lineup), have a complete team on the court to clinic plays, dimension, passing, etc, have over two men under the backboard with two balls throwing you inbound passes (they have a machine at MyCareer, why not here? Also just have unlimited balls, it's dumb we've got to await them), and possibly, just maybe be able to throw a personalized shell defense out there so you may practice playing or playing with a zone or any of those other 1,000,000 items we should be able to perform in a practice mode.

I concur with the bulk of the things in your list and that I think most people here would. Here is the issue: 95 percent of the things you recorded 2k does on Cheap MT 2K21 purpose and will never fix. It has been demonstrated again and again they would rather have game that ignites one dollar more than a good one would. A whole lot of your suggestions would directly result in less cash (pack odds etc), and also several would indirectly. A lot of the things which are gameplay"errors" are intentional. 2k does their assignments and they understand people that are mad are more likely to give them more money so that they get a leg up.