From here, things started to get exciting

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Durant promoted the game by NBA 2K22 MT answering the question. It is always a attention-grabbing responses: Which active NBA players would Durant pick to be his first choice for his team? Durant said in an interview that was shared on Twitter by @boardroom. "There are so many outstanding players."

Durant always picked his team. K.D. is in Brooklyn's championship window, and they're at the center of it. K.D. is smart enough not to interfere with their chemistry. Therefore, it was no surprise that Durant chose Kyrie Irving and James Harden, who, regardless of Durant's prejudices, were each worthy choices.

From here, things started to get exciting. Durant stated, "Off the top," If he had to pick five players his top five, he'd pick Kyrie and James. He then added, and then "LeBron, Anthony Davis," which means Durant's dream team includes all Nets, Lakers, and Lakers. The choices he has made are difficult to argue with, but Steph Curry, Durant's former Warriors teammate, was the biggest disappointment for Buy 2K22 MT him. She was a champion twice together with Durant in 2017 and 2018. Durant declared that he'd never not forget anyone.