It is possible to tell the story of an athlete

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MyPlayers Creation Menu There are a few options to NBA 2K22 MT create an account's creation menu. There are just a handful of options to choose things like eye shape, skin tone, and lips. I would love to have more options within the creation suite. I would like to make my character different from others. Female MyPlayers – The WNBA made it into NBA 2K last season, and it was successful. It was refreshing to play against entirely different teams. My next suggestion is in the spirit of the success of WNBA.

It's probably possible to create a MyPlayer female with their own Career mode. It would be interesting to see 2K Sports write a story in which a female basketball player from college makes a splash and becomes a part of the WNBA. It would be more entertaining if there were another MyCareer story to be told. 2K Sports could use this strategy to develop their story telling. 2K Sports tend to be distracted by the game's plot and key themes. A WNBA story can explore a wide range of concepts without being smug or preached at.

It is possible to tell the story of an athlete from the female side who conquers adversity, without making it untrue or corny. This is an everyday story that female athletes tell. Animations - The gameplay of NBA 2K is solid. It's fun, and it can be a real challenging if you use the right setting. 2K has been affected by glitches and broken animations for Buy MT 2K22 a long time. This issue has plagued the game since at least 3 years, and broken animations can make the game incredibly irritating.