I do not understand why I could build cliffs wherever I want however

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It really looks kinda neat there's some Youtubers who revealed it in Animal Crossing Items their movies. And because it depends upon the wallpaper it is kinda neat to check at different youtubers showing it off in their various wallpapers.

Like it's one of these bugs that might be rather cool to add in a future update as a characteristic.

Nice to know the sumo ring thing was just a bug, I thought that my save/game information was corrupting and sold it as I had been concerned about further harm if I kept it around.

I frankly expected some enormous changes people have been asking for, why else would it get multiple awards right. . ? Guess some folks love minor bug fixes.

Since Reddit is giving out a bunch of them free of charge to make people believe more people are paying for them to encourage more individuals to pay for them.

It's not totally free coins, at least from everything I have seen. For the last couple of days I've gotten one daily arbitrary award for free to give to some post (as an incentive to purchase coins I suppose). You can't select which award you get and you only have 24 hours to use it. If you have been given an award-winning by Reddit, the"C" icon in the top right will state Free instead.

Yeah I came here hoping some shadow-dropped big update, awarded the awards and tens of thousands of upvotes. I just feel kind of disappointed lol

I do not understand why I could build cliffs wherever I want however, not so with slopes. You're limited to 8. Just 8. This will not make sense to me.

Also you can have"fake" bridges (just a little patch of land connecting lands) before you commit to a bridge or just because. However,"fake" slopes? Nah. Would be nice if we could get at least some half-height hoppity-hop measures or something. .

I have 2 slopes left but 4 places in mind and Buy Nook Miles Ticket that I can't decide. . So I guess it will only be like that forever and carry a ladder everywhere