What to Do If the TV Lift Fails

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When a newly installed LCD electric tv lift or an LCD TV Lift that has been used for a period of time fails

When a newly installed LCD electric tv lift or an LCD TV Lift that has been used for a period of time fails, you need to understand the fault before you can operate it when you have to repair it yourself, otherwise it will damage the LCD TV lift. The following is Maintenance and elimination of common faults:

If the LCD TV lift does not respond, nothing moves:

Check whether the power supply is plugged in, whether the power cord is properly connected, whether the voltage is normal, if it is not connected, then fix it; if there is no power, check whether the power supply line is normal.

If there is no problem with the voltage of the power input line, you need to check the button connection, check whether the motor connection line is off, and then check whether the fuse is blown, and whether the travel switch wiring of the upper terminal and the lower terminal is off.

When the elevator is at the upper terminal and the upper terminal travel switch is pressed, the lifting frame cannot go up; when the lifting frame is at the lower terminal, the lower terminal travel switch is pressed and the lifting frame cannot go down. This is a normal phenomenon. Only need to manually press the switch.

If none of the above is the case, pressing the up and down buttons will not work, but there is a weak vibration sound. At this time, you have to check whether the capacitor is broken or short-circuited, and then check whether the connection is open And fall off. When the motor heats up very seriously, it is necessary to cut off the power immediately to prevent the motor from being burned.

If the LCD TV lift cannot move up or down, but the cabinet emits a lot of noise:

Check whether the transmission chain is disconnected or broken;

Check whether the meshing between the aluminum guide rail and the sprocket is misaligned;

Check whether the restraining screw between the shaft and the sprocket is loose, so that the shaft cannot rotate with the sprocket, causing the four guide rails to run out of sync;

The above is about the common troubleshooting methods for LCD TV lifts. As long as it is not a big problem, we can solve it by ourselves. However, if we encounter more serious problems, we need professionals to repair the Lifting Column, Do not operate blindly by yourself to avoid irreversible losses.

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