OK so quests aren't really my favourite thing to do in the world

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Make an effort to get a LESSER demon task for killing zamma. A blackmask or slayer helmet will be a lot superior than neitiznot. Do not go for the Pendant of Armadyl. There is other items you'll be able to wear that'll give you a hand with the RS gold boss a lot more than that. This amulet is simply good when obtaining your killcount. Even then, it slows down it because it doesn't really help you. A good item for armadyl, is to attract zammy bracers rather than a coif, and find an arma helm. It is a bit cheaper and frees up the amulet spot for something somewhat more cheaper.

No point on brining a range potion to get armadyl if you are soloing. You'll use numerous sarabrews. The moment you pot up you'll have reduced your range. You'll befinit more by attracting additional sara brews. The same can also use to sara. Remember that the 3:1 radio. 3 doses of sara brew per superb restore dose. Generally 1 super restore (4) for ever 4 sarabrews (4). The alter will provide you more prayer on one solo trip than on other boses.

Sorry about the inadequate post quality. I was just skimming through your post and posting my thoughts on it. And I really wanna return to levelling agility. That ability doesn't make for great forum lurking. :lol: One final thing, the best method for any one to learn is by expirience. Proceed and try your luck at those boses. They're all great fun, and great money if you continue at them. Is there some location not at the boss camps for a reasonably high level to train with melee? Please be aware I do not want to range, I do not wish to do bosses, and that I can not do slayer creatures (38 ftl). What armor and things should I bring, and what should I kill? Thanks.

OK so quests aren't really my favourite thing to do in the world, so I have not done very many of them. However, I have decided I want to do all of the quests which are like the" have to do" quests. I am looking to do quests that have quite useful rewards. I do not mind training some skills to get requirements if I have to. Some quests I was thinking of were, horror from the deep, the fairy ring (idk wat it is called), and throne of miscellania. Are there some other quests which I can do?

Okay, so here is the deal... I'm gonna get membership again and that I was thinking of approaches of earning money (around 20m would perform for me personally ), but it seems like every method I came across to, was dull. But when I heard about God Wars Dungeon, it seemed pretty interesting. At first I did a bit of research, and it seemed the only corner that buy RuneScape gold I thought would suit mepersonally, was Bandos' Stronghold. I can not kill the boss, so I am thinking about going after his minions. And they do seem to drop seeds that may be a fantastic