Okay, the majority of my items

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They're so different from RS gold any other monster i have fought... They can freeze you and even farcast... PLZ GIVE TIPS HOW TO KILL THESE THINGS IF POSSIBLE... Rev hunting is a challenge .... however, I didn't think they would be this great. OH and is it even possible to solo one that's not 20 levels below you?

Okay, the majority of my items were stolen so I sold them all and now I am left with 2.6mil. I'm in search of new armour and whips and would like your advice on which items I should buy. I am not looking for barrows as I don’t want to have it repaired every few minutes.

It will be around 2.3mil. But, my maximum spend is 3mil. Maybe a dragon skirt? I'm not certain what I should buy for buy RuneScape gold the plate.